Hi!  Thanks for dropping by our site.  We’re Lippy and Murph and we love everything having to do with bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches (aka BEC, heaven on a roll, etc) in particular, and breakfast in general.  We’re two reasonably normal guys who grew up in New York and spent much of our formative years searching out the best bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches…and devouring them.  Well, this breakfast sandwich odyssey has led us far and wide, but we eventually realized something was missing from our journey.  One morning after a few particularly satisfying BEC’s we had an epiphany.  What if we brought our passion to the masses?  What if we created a safe, warm inviting place and the destination of choice for those of you who share our devotion to breakfast and breakfast sandwiches? A place to find breakfast comradery, so to speak?  Well my friends, that day has arrived and the site is here!  In the weeks and months to come you’ll see more from us as we endeavor to grow this idea.  We appreciate your support and look forward to the bright breakfast sandwich future that’s ahead of us

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have thoughts, comments, ideas, breakfast sandwich reviews (duh), and especially if you have any good tips on outstanding BEC’s, great breakfast spots, or anything else you think we need to know. 

Lippy and Murph

The BEC Guys


Breakfast today, breakfast tomorrow, breakfast forever! 

Peace, love and bacon